Solutions: Travel and Transportation

SAMBIRI uses its extensive domain knowledge of the transportation business, obtained through working with leading operators in airlines, roadways, railways, and shipping and ports, to convert IT vision into state-of-the-art IT solutions. SAMBIRI's Travel and Transportation Group enables companies in the Passenger, Freight, Authorities and Hospitality industry to improve their business competitiveness by providing innovative IT solutions that have been known to enhance profitability.

The transportation industry is in a state of flux today and most organizations face similar challenges, that of dealing with increasingly demanding customers and suppliers, coupled with the internal pressures of optimizing the entire value proposition of their business at minimum costs. In this scenario, the role of information technology (IT) evolves from being a mere enabler of operations to a strategic driver.

Organizations in the transportation business are looking at revamping their current IT portfolio to provide state-of-the-art, genuinely global applications, coupled with the benefits of back-office processing that can provide a seamless interface to all stakeholders across the value chain.

SAMBIRI has extensive domain knowledge of the transportation business, gained through working with leading operators in airlines, roadways and railways, as well as shipping and ports. It has a successful track record of converting IT vision into state-of-the-art IT solutions.

We work with our clients to meet all their needs for next-generation technology solutions. Our technology competence and business understanding ensures the efficiency, manageability, scalability, security and robustness of our clients' IT systems, meeting all their requirements in today's highly competitive environment.

Leveraging the alliances with product vendors – who are industry leaders in their respective domains – SAMBIRI is better placed to provide the best IT solutions in the most customized format.

Avenues, where SAMBIRI's technology applications can assist to evolve business solutions are Tracking & Tracing, Reverse Logistics, e-Documentation, e-Procurement, Capacity & Route Optimization, EDI, Yield Management, Communication between multiple entities of Logistics Chain, ULD Management, Warehouse Management, e-Booking & Reservations, Cargo Security, Supply Chain Event Management and B2B & B2C Exchanges.