Solutions: Retail

Globally retailers are faced with complex inter-related issues such as ever-transient customer preferences, diminishing low operational margins, competition from existing & emerging store formats and the continuous pressure to create increasing value for share holders. This compels the retailers to perpetually innovate in every set of activity they manage including forecasting, assortment planning, sourcing, logistics, managing multiple sales channels and returns handling.

The Retail industry is also witnessing many physical and technological changes leading to consolidations, restructuring and also reorganizing the way in which the business is conducted. Retailers today face greater challenges in acquiring new customers, satisfying, retaining and acknowledging their buying through loyalty programs and promotions.

SAMBIRI's Retail business unit leverages its business process knowledge, technological capabilities, strategic alliances and strong global presence to offer innovative IT solutions to the Retail Industry. Our technical consultants specialize in POS systems, back end ERP technologies, developing interfaces to varied systems and pervasive computing on PDA's.

This business unit also comprises of talents with extensive domain experience in Retail Information Systems, SCM (Warehouse systems, logistics, CPFR), Merchandising systems, CRM, Data warehousing, and multi channel retailing. The functional consultants and analysts come with comprehensive industry knowledge from various businesses like Fashion apparel & accessories, Sports footwear, Consumer durable with experience in hyper-markets, large supermarkets, department stores, and specialty stores.

SAMBIRI's Retail vertical business unit understands the Retail business processes and the technologies to enable them. Our Retail specialists can help conceptualize, evaluate, design, develop, implement and support systems for retailers.