Solutions: Manufacturing

We offer turnkey solutions to help you score over the competition. Be it plant automation, supply chain management or outsourcing of your IT requirements, look no further than SAMBIRI. Our manufacturing practice focuses on high-end consulting and on delivering IT-based solutions to a wide spectrum of continuous process and discrete manufacturing industries globally. The thrust is on developing solutions and services that help companies improve their operations.

In the Internet age, manufacturing and process industries are faced with the challenge of a highly dynamic and interactive business environment. There is a need to focus on the capabilities of their suppliers even as they streamline their own processes. Increasingly, agility in a dynamic market and the capability to deliver high-quality, cost-effective products will determine the success of manufacturing industries the world over.

The manufacturing practice's dedicated software products, solutions and services help optimize production process and integrate operational requirements with enterprise-level decision-making processes. This ensures a seamless integration of key business and production functions and a coherent flow of information across all critical interfaces.

These solutions are designed and deployed in a modular and scalable fashion, with the flexibility to re-configure existing applications and integrate new applications in a cost-effective manner. Our 'project-to-product' cycle enables us to standardize our best-of-breed, industry-specific solutions, resulting in rapid deployment, shorter payback periods, and proven benefits to our clients.

SAMBIRI offers a suite of domain-specific applications and consulting services to address key business and production imperatives of select manufacturing and process industries. Our focus sectors are:
  • Automobiles and auto components

  • Cement

  • Mining, mineral processing and metals

  • Petroleum, refining, and petrochemicals

  • Pharmaceuticals and chemicals