Transcription Services

SaGE Transcription Services provides quality, cost-effective transcription services. Our professional workflow practices and skilled personnel enable us to offer flexible Turn Around Time (TAT) that suits each client's specifications;
    12 to 24 hours for 1 to 60 minutes audio
    24 to 48 hours for 60 to 120 minutes audio
    48+ hours for 120+ minutes audio
We strictly adhere to policies and procedures that are legally and ethically mandated by the transcription industry and maintain confidentiality agreements with every employee and ensure that all data stays within our network during transcription.

Our Quality Control team, reviews all transcripts for complete accuracy and we encourage continuous feedback from our clients through evaluation of completed files. Feedback and review sessions are a part of our Quality Management process helping us achieve accuracy of 98% or higher for every transcription as long as the audio quality is reasonably good. Our process and service is simple, secure and efficient.

Please use as a template for clients to upload their audio and video content and for transcribers to download the content and upload the transcribed documents. Godaddy offers this services for about $2/mo for 100GB.