Project Management Services

Through our vast experience in package implementation and development we are able to advise our clients on the selection of the most appropriate package in an independent manner. We add value to our clients by continuously researching on the best package solutions which can be recommended for their line of business and we always make sure we train our personnel in order to provide high quality service to our client.  Faced with acquisitions, consolidations, mergers, globalization, and international competition, CIOs, senior management and executives rely on us for insights and skills that are designed to increase and demonstrate the business value of IT.  We deploy, manage, and deliver ERP applications, including Financials, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources Management, DataWarehousing and Business Intelligence.

In the past, selecting an IT solution has been a daunting task of contacting many IT vendors, assessing the various solutions and then trying to piece the entire project together. Sambiri would like to do away with this headache by offering to it’s customers a one-stop-shop for all their IT
requirements.  Customers have then to deal with only one organisation who can understand their requirements, propose a solution, and take the responsibility and risk for ensuring that it works.  The customer deals with one face, Sambiri, and it’s Sambiri's responsibility to deal with the many vendors, solve any problems and ensure that the customer is left to run his business.  By assessing the applications mix in light of strategy, cost, resources and other key factors, we establish fact-based criteria designed to optimize the portfolio.

How do we do this?   By focusing.  We have a team of professionals who are highly skilled in their various fields of expertise.  To cover the fields in which we do not focus, we have strategic partnerships with other IT companies, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and consultants who do.   

Performance Optimization
  - As business needs develop and the variety of applications increases in a company, it is crucial to identify and address application redundancies, dependencies and under-performance. Streamlining existing systems and incorporating new functionality to meet current priorities can establish a road map for maximizing resources and value. With the visibility gained from our team’s assessments and recommendations, clients can gain the discipline, risk management and flexibility that optimize performance.

IT & Business Transformation - The complexity and resource demands of today’s application environments require uncommon strategic insights and tactical capabilities. To meet cost of ownership and ROI targets, companies must not only optimize the current application portfolio but also take the steps to regularly align these assets with business strategy. Our Application Software Services are designed to balance cost and resource constraints with project needs and business goals. With a view to identifying key business events, we help clients mitigate risk and prepare for changing business priorities. This approach can yield a dynamic, optimum portfolio that grows with our clients. Our Application Software Services help clients to better understand and leverage existing assets, fill requirement gaps and optimize IT business performance.

Package Evaluation & Implementation - We review your business needs and existing applications to help you select the package or develop one that optimizes your application environment and business performance. Our implementation professionals can also install, train and support your package and fine-tune your portfolio.

Collaboration and Document Management Services - We provide first class messaging, document management and collaboration services with integrated encryption and digital signatures technology for total security and running on an independent platform which suits the client’s needs. With the growing need for communication, e-mail is critical to any business and thus our collaboration recommendation improves internal processes as well as knowledge sharing across geographically dispersed teams for faster decision making.

Custom Development – We provide custom development capabilities across major platforms that may help you find the right solutions for your needs i.e. human resource management solutions, client relationship management solutions, call center/help desk solutions e.t.c.

Industry Solutions
– We also focus on vertical industry solutions for:
  • Banking, Financial and Insurance
  • Energy, Telecommunication and Utilities
  • Road, Aviation and Rail
  • Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail
  • Professional Services including Legal, Consultancy and Advertising
  • Government and Social Services including Health and Education
  • Construction and Real Estate

    Core systems are provided using tried and tested solutions  from experienced Independent Software Vendors with specialised expertise in each of the specifc industry sectors.   To compliment these systems and reduce the overall costs of an selected system, we will develop the peripheral systems with which the various core systems can interface. 

 Decision Support – Transforming your application portfolio can reduce costs and maximize the business value of your IT investments. Our Application Software Services help IT managers identify underused or poorly performing applications as well as opportunities to streamline systems, establish business rationale and priorities for IT investments, align resources and projects to support key business objectives and implement applications and support services that help reduce maintenance costs.