Internet Services

Sambiri provides the full spectrum of Internet and Web Solutions, catering for the fast changing needs of individuals, business and organizations living and working in our information driven society. Our services encompass the Internet business services strategy formulation, web site and web application development and redesign, integration of web applications with legacy systems, database and user inteaction design and optimization and Web hosting, performance analytics and optimization.

As Internet and Web-based solutions become an increasingly integral part of our daily lives, Sambiri represents a capable partner in defining, designing and deploying your Internet solution; as well as monitoring its performance to ensure that it continues to support the achievement of your ever changing business objectives and strategy. In the area of knowledge management and process automation, the Sambiri team has successfully developed custom intranets and extranets that encapsulate entire workflows into faster, more efficient applications, allowing you and your employees to more creative and focused on your core business instead of time-consuming, tedious and often manual processes.

Sambiri solutions are developed adhering to industry best practices and one of our team's core values is that of continuous improvement. As such, the Sambiri team invests time in keeping abreast with innovations and development techniques and tools to ensure delivering modern and competitive solutions on time. Our highly skilled and experienced engineers use technologies that include ColdFusion, PHP, Ruby On Rails, MSSQL Server and MySQL.