Assessment & Audit Services

Every business needs efficient processes to maximize business value. But, leading businesses are taking process improvement to even higher levels of performance. To achieve the productivity gains and cost reductions essential to growth, executives need a way to discover, design and implement process improvements that quickly demonstrate return on investment. Sambiri Business Process Improvement professionals are dedicated to creating solutions that lead to increased efficiency as well as better decision-making, collaboration, flexibility and productivity throughout the enterprise.

  Our methodology is focused on reviewing your current processes, defining future state recommendations, and providing a road map to achieve those business goals. Our qualitative, workshop approach identifies strategic improvement opportunities and allows us to apply the proper metrics and tools to achieve high-value results.

 Our Business Process Improvement services include:
Business Process Review & Design – Improving your business processes enables you to serve your customers better while reducing your cost of operations. We begin with an assessment of your business processes, along with recommendations, and then help you redesign a solution that best suits your business.

Operations Improvement & Facilities Planning – Achieving efficiencies in your operations and facilities provides direct benefit to your bottom line. Our accomplished staff works with you to identify those efficiencies and to provide services from planning through implementation to help enable ongoing performance improvements.

  Risk assessment- In today’s ever-changing business environment, it is difficult and essential to know that technology decisions will garner maximum value from your IT organization. Technology can be a strategic asset only when leaders have a clear understanding of the current state of technology, an awareness of opportunities for improvement, and a consideration of the tradeoffs and consequences involved. When accompanied by a balanced and objective road map, these insights can support technology decisions that improve performance.

  By assessing and documenting the current state of your technology infrastructure, evaluating business and technology strategy alignment, and comparing these to best practices, the Sambiri team is able to provide you with succinct, actionable recommendations designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your firm’s technology assets. This in-depth understanding of your technology state identifies opportunities for improvement and supports your ability to make fully informed technology decisions and investments, aligned with and supporting your key business objectives. 

 Our IT Assessments are designed to gauge the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the IT organization as it relates to the delivery of current and future technology solutions and to identify actionable areas for improvement. We can:
  • Examine the role and extent of technology within the entire organization
  • Review the organizational structure and the capabilities of the staff
  • Assess the technology and software applications being deployed
  • Identify risks, compliance with best practices, and opportunities for technology improvements
  • Review the methodology and processes used to assess, acquire, support and deploy technology
  • Provide actionable recommendations designed to improve your capability to leverage technology as a strategic asset throughout the enterprise