Case Study:


Case Overview

Customer Profile: BDO International is a worldwide network of public accountancy firms called BDO Member Firms, serving international clients. The name is an acronym of Binder Dijker Otte & Co. With over 100 BDO Member Firms in 110 countries and over 44,000 professionals in 1,095 offices throughout the world, BDO International is the fifth largest accounting firm network globally.

Industry: Accounting

Business Unit: MIS Department

Program/project objective:
Developed detailed functional business Statements of Work (SOW), selection criteria, purchase contracts and service level agreements.

Evaluated and recommended Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), business technology, services and solutions.

Performed feasibility studies for the implementation of knowledge management systems, enterprise intranet and portal web services including online human resources management and end-user skills development.

Identified organizational training needs, developing scheduling, resource and logistical arrangements and designing training programs, documentation, manuals and certification for on-site and off-site one-on-one and group training and demonstration of IBM, Microsoft, Project Management and other business software products, solutions and services to attain business objectives and enhance employee productivity resulting in team members achieving higher proficiency ratings during skills testing and evaluations.