Case Study:

City Municipality

Case Overview

The legislation governing the city's operations include water provision for domestic, commercial or industrial areas, hospitals, clinics, ambulances, maternity and child welfare, schools, libraries, theatres and musical and scientific institutions, provision of housing and transport facilities, construction and refuse removal disposal, prevention of air, land and water pollution, operation of fire brigades an municipal police, street lighting, public places, provision of parks, recreation of grounds and open spaces Municipality.

Deployed BIQ Municipal Management software to replace an obsolete billing system. Supplied two IBM AS400 Servers, Model 520 and Model 820 as well as two IBM 6400 Printers, 2,400 Lines Per Minute (LPM) Printers.

We planned, designed, built, and tested the client's data center as well as trained their staff on how to maintain the new environment. We submitted a full evaluation report that included electrical, mechanical and space requirements, along with equipment layout drawings, cost estimates and a proposed construction schedule.

SAMBIRI ensured that all evaluation report topics, such as power, cooling, under-floor airflow for ventilation, fire protection and other relevant topics, were addressed and resolved in the final design. We defined the optimal number of data centers and location, established the best technical architecture to support dual and other data center configurations, validated opportunities to allocate static and dynamic workloads to optimize asset utilization.

SAMBIRI acted as project manager through all phases of construction and provides information technology equipment maintenance; application, data and hardware migration support; systems integration; network implementation, analysis and management; business-recovery services and more.

We built a five-year growth model for their system based on their current and future data-processing needs and likely technological evolution. Our system designs included complex systems including parallel, redundant UPSs, redundant power distribution systems and computer room air conditioners.