Case Study:

Office of the Auditor General

Case Overview

Customer Profile: The Office of the Auditor General is responsible for auditing the accounts of the Central Government, Local Authorities, and other Authorities.

The activities of Office of the Auditor General have grown in volume over the years due to increase in scope and complexity of its operation, such as inclusion of performance audits, IT Audits and general growth of government online services.

Industry: Auditing/Accounting

Business Unit: Quality Control and IT Department

Program/project objective:
Development of a statement of user requirements (SOUR) for the computerisation of the audit process.
The Office of Auditor General needed to computerize their Audit Process to enhance the quality, productivity and cost effectiveness. It also increased the work coverage and effective use of resources. Electronic delivery of services and semi-paperless system will encourage a move away from the traditional audit techniques of batching large volumes of transactions manually. This will considerably reduce the amount of time auditors take in collecting and examining information as computers could perform the same function in a very short time.

In order to come up with a system, that would suite this office best, a consultant was required to produce a SOUR and a system design proto-type for the implementation of the computerized audit process system.

In order to achieve their objective, we achieved the following milestones:
  • Detailed study of the existing operations

  • Study computerized system prevalent in other audit office and SAI.

  • System requirement for OAG

  • Proto-type Design of the system

  • Hardware and Software requirement

  • Identification of the possible solutions

  • Presentation of solutions before the reference Committee

  • Produce SOUR Document

  • Training needs for staff